There has been a lot of talk about the effectiveness of striking. To be effective we cannot simply call for one strike and hope for the best. We need to plan to disrupt over long periods of time with a concise message. Each strike should have a clear goal and should not be limited to missing work. With coordination, small achievable acts can have large effects. Here are a list of ways you can get involved during strikes.

During official strike days you can do the following:

  • Don’t Work (If you can). Instead plan or take part in an event in your community:
    • Plan/Participate in a Day of Service
    • Join with other like-minded folks and occupy public space with positive messages of resistance and solidarity.
  • Do not purchase anything.
  • “#BreakLunch” Use your lunch break to disrupt and participate:
    • Use social media to show how you #BreakLunch. Tweet, FB, Instagram, and Snapchat messages that support democracy. Include hashtags #BreakLunch, #GeneralStrike, #F17
    • Donate your lunch money that day to cause you believe in. Post about it and use those same hashtags.
    • Get creative and show the world how you #BreakLunch
  • Reach out to your representatives in Washington DC or your state and tell them why you are “striking” today, and post about it using strike related hash tags.
  • If you are a teacher or student, please consider participating in the Teach-In on Democracy.  Keep your students engaged.
  • This is not a National Day-Off; we’ve got work to do!!  Get out and get busy!!! Be Peaceful! Have fun!